Billionaire dad meets Zuckerberg

was originally shot last week. I wanted to send it to commemorate the ride of the two kids. I didn’t expect to meet Zuckerberg this weekend. I just sent it together. Teammates took pictures with cameras. Like everyone else, they all gathered around to take pictures of the baby sitting in the Dangdang car. and

he is a man with a baby, shoulders and back, and no cart.


are not two years old, but still need to take a car. It seems that he holds a lot of them.


to be honest, when my baby was one and a half years old, I didn’t have the courage to bring her out of without a car.

sit down for a circle, and the slippers

are on!

daughter Max is cute and cute, but let’s have a bit of morality. Let’s go on the mosaic.

take a picture of my younger brother and find that Xiaozha appears behind

is supposed to sit in the queue again, while waiting in the queue and talking to her,


are my daughter wearing red bars on the bus. Is this a disguised group photo? People around ,

and sometimes say hello. When I look in the queue, people beside me are also taking pictures with their mobile phones, but they are not surrounded. They are really close to the people. After a round of watching, there is no one suspected of security. found the same shoe the same bag “1″ — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – paparazzi split line “– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -”

“let’s talk about the park’s happy Hollow, always my sister’s favorite, has continued the next year’s card. Before that, I brought her a while or even every day to have a look at the animals. The morning passed quickly. Although the entertainment looks very old, but I can’t stand the love of the children (all the rich people take the children, what do I complain about is “2″).

is what I wanted to send. Last weekend, I took pictures of

brother sitting in ride for the first time.


ladybug is also one of my sister’s favorite


. Unfortunately, the classic dragon car didn’t drive.

and “3″ are places to play. is playing with the sudden change of painting style… sheep feeding is also a classic project, , and

. This is taken this week. Last week, my brother didn’t sit on the carousel. This week, I barely sat for a while.


baby and baby are really different! Sister


have been sitting on the merry go round for ten months. My brother is reluctant to sit on the merry go round until he is one year old, but the car above and sister ladybug can sit on their own only when they are one and a half years old. My brother is only one year old.

and “8″ have the same content under the public number lulushanhoto in the final advertisement, which is convenient for mobile phones to watch.

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